You can rent a bounce house with a movie screen, what a party!

The imagination of people never ceases to amaze me. Let’s say your child is having his (let’s assume you child is a male.) birthday party in your back yard with an inflatable bounce house and it’s themed as Spider man.

After the bouncing is done and the children are worn out, you all sit down, drop the screen on the bounce house and watch The Amazing Spider Man with a projector on the screen that is attached to the bounce house.

This is exactly what we done. We rented a bounce house in Orlando for our child and the neighborhood kids all came over for the party, so serious bouncing and a movie of my child’s hero. I didn’t video ours, but here is where i got the idea and then checked to see if we could get one ourselves.  Just so happens they had one and it was great.

Why Jurassic World Will Be Great

Why Jurassic World Will Be Great

Jurassic Park is considered one of the greatest Summer blockbuster movies ever made. It is an absolute classic and while the sequels were not as well received they certainly haven’t tarnished the reputation of the first film by any stretch. This is why so many fans are excited about the recently announced sequel Jurassic World. Just what is it about the film that has so many excited? The answer is relatively simple. It’s a trip back to the main island.

While details are relatively scarce on the plot right now in terms of official plot synopses, fans have managed to piece the story together. It has been 20 years since John Hammond’s attempt to open Jurassic Park failed. After all of that time, Jurassic Park has come to fruition as one of the world’s premiere tourist destinations. Redubbed as Jurassic World (you know, like SeaWorld) the park is now full of a constant rotation of visitors. Now one can only assume that something goes terribly wrong while the park faces its busy season.

Needless to say, this scenario raises the stakes of what could possibly happen in the movie. Jurassic World appears, thus far, as though it will heavily honor the original film while thoroughly expanding on what happens to the world when dinosaurs are reintroduced. Judging from the title there will also be some level of commentary against the acts of SeaWorld. Perhaps some form of abuse similar to what gets reported about SeaWorld is what triggers the latest case of Dinos going wild. Fans will have plenty of time to speculate but until then, if it turns out that this premise is indeed what the story will be then Jurassic Park fans are in for a real treat.

Why The Hunger Games is Popular

Why The Hunger Games is Popular

The Hunger Games is one of those franchises that could have easily been seen as riding the Harry Potter coat tails. It was based on a young adult novel. It featured a love story. It was fast tracked for Hollywood. However, The Hunger Games has managed to have an appeal that transcends its YA roots and has managed to succeed where so many other Young Adult Novel movies have failed, both critically and commercially. What is it about The Hunger Games that makes it work?

First of all, The Hunger Games manages to address the single greatest problem that plagues most Young Adult novels: placing overly emotional teenage characters in overly complicated situations and just rolling with it. Most Young Adult novels feature characters making decisions that any rational person would deem foolish. Case in point, Bella Swan of the Twilight franchise trying to, essentially, kill herself after break up with vampire boy Edward. To a rational person this is stupid and if the premise of the rest of the story is now predicated on the rest of the characters around her not being rational.

The Hunger Games, on the other hand, addresses that with bad decisions come consequences. The characters react as real people. They make decisions and sometimes those decision are wrong. The story of The Hunger Games does not bend to the whims or ineptitude of its main characters. The characters are forced to live with the consequences of their actions, which lends the story legitimate weight.

Another reason why The Hunger Games is so successful lies strictly with the fact that we are looking at as generation that is more suspicious and distrustful of people in authority positions. It strongly reflects and echoes the feelings of today’s youths in a way that is far more pertinent than vampire relationship could ever imagine.

Why The Expendables are Underwhelming

Why The Expendables are Underwhelming

The premise behind Sylvester Stallones “The Expendables” is one of genius. Take as many action movie stars as you can think of, throw them into one movie (or in this case, trilogy of movies) and watch the money come piling in. It’s a strategy that’s worked. Unfortunately, however, it’s only worked in regards to making money. It hasn’t worked in delivering the REAL action movie goods.

It may seem strange to say that The Expendables franchise has been a disappointment so far, but the fact of the matter is that for a franchise that prides itself on being old school it uses an overwhelming number of recent action movie making techniques, and rather badly. The utilization of shaky cam and CGI tarnishes the premise of the movie. These are action stars from an age where people did their own stunts in camera. Now they rely on green screen and CG.

The Expendables franchise has also squandered the massive potential to bring in renowned action movie directors. Loathe as many moviegoers are to admit it, Michael Bay would have been perfect for this franchise. Instead, The Expendables 2 was directed by Simon West, whose only genuinely worthwhile film was Con Air. Why wasn’t John Woo called for this franchise? The director of the third installment of the franchise is Patrick Hughes, a director with only one film under his belt, and his only other project being an in-development remake of the Indonesian action hit The Raid (which is arguably the best action movie of the past decade and one of the best action films of all time). Why didn’t Sly just go ahead and call Gareth Evans, the director of the original version of The Raid to direct?

The Expendables will most likely be marked down as one of the biggest missed opportunities in action cinema. Either that, or it will be forgotten completely. The chance to bring together the biggest names in action movie history should have been nothing short of jaw dropping awesomeness. Instead it’s an overly bloated franchise that buckled under its own weight.

Will Legend of Conan Revive Arnold’s Career

Will Legend of Conan Revive Arnold’s Career

When Arnold Schwarzenegger finished his run as the Governor of California movie fans were ready for him to get back to making movies. However, appearances in The Expendables aside, the former Governator has yet to have a single hit since his return to the big screen. Maybe it’s because of age. Maybe it’s because his track record in politics was mixed at best. Maybe it’s because there’s now an entire movie going generation that did not grow up in the age of Arnold as THE action hero of cinema. If there is any chance, however, of Arnold having a new box office hit it is The Legend of Conan.

king conan

The concept of The Legend of Conan is that it is a direct sequel to the original Conan the Barbarian movie. The film sets out to tell the promised story at the end of the original film of Conan as King. The film is interesting in that it completely ignores the sequel and reboot that came out recently and was panned. The question now becomes whether or not it’s a role that Arnold will be able to convince audiences that he’s not too old for. After all, this is a stunt heavy film and while Arnold is certainly in shape that only goes so far.

Perhaps, however, this is the kind of trip down memory lane that Arnold needs to remind audiences why he was the action movie king in the first place. It remains to be seen, but movie fans will certainly vote with their dollars.